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Another public post... [Jun. 6th, 2006|12:46 am]
the original television freakshow
[mood |awake]

This weekend was the fucking most amazing weekend ever!

Thursday I finished school so we went out celebrating and what not.
Friday Lex, Lynt, Jo and myself went to six flags again. Then when I got back Ryan came over and yeah...
SATURDAY! SATURDAY! SATURDAY! Neill and I took a train downtown around 2ish, then we walked around trying to keep ourselves busy until Dani called. Finally 6 rolled around and we met up with Dom, Billy, Kyle, Bobbie, Dani and Cameron and went to the show. Billy was kicked out before it even started but being the master of disguise he is he managed to get back in! Wahahaha.
Aquabats were amazing to say the least and Whole Wheat Bread was just as good the second time around.
Here's some photos!

These were from before the show...

Those are the only two from the party that we went to afterwards. That's Cameron.

And finally Neill and me on the not so sober cab ride to union station.
Haha, our train got delayed on the way home cause they were having trouble with a drunken woman in our car. Man oh man was that amusing! Hahaha. June 3rd was like the best day ever!